Where is the Crew?


Welcome to Paddle to Haiti

The Mission:
We are members of Paddle to Haiti, a charitable organization raising funds in support of the long-term recovery of Haiti and its population. On September 3, 2010, we will canoe the Mississippi River from the headwaters in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico by November 30, 2010. We will raise $50,000 that we will donate to The Lambi Fund of Haiti, working hands-on with the Haitian people. To do this, we will gladly accept both food and monetary donations. To learn more about the hard-working crew in Haiti, go to http://www.lambifund.org/

The Crew:
The crew for Paddle to Haiti has a lot of experience with paddling sports, wilderness, and social skills. We have a spirit for exploration and adventure and the concern and awareness for the global population.  Our tenacity toward achieving goals has developed in us a serious sense of dedication. Every crew member has developed a long list of accomplishments and plans to see this river journey through to the bayou.   

If you'd like to get in touch with us with advice, comments, questions, or suggestions, shoot us an email at PaddleToHaiti@gmail.com or give us a jingle at (404) 625 4379 or (262) 470 4429.

Any mail/donations can be  made out to 'Paddle to Haiti' and sent to us directly at:

Paddle to Haiti
34109 Mapleton Road
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin 53066
Thanks for the support!