Where is the Crew?

Our Philanthropists

Our total funds are climbing! Keep it up everyone!

Thanks to everyone who has donated. We apologize to anyone who we may have missed. Please let us know and we will make sure that we give credit where credit is due. We have received so many types of help from so many places that it would be impossible to list them all. If we missed you, we apologize, please let us know

Jack Gutschenritter
Bev Gutschenritter
Doug and Mary Smith
Gigi and Bill Barnes
Russ and Dianne Prindle
Cibby Gardiner
Ian Strickland
Mike Feenan
Stacey Summus
Judy Broussard
Irene Lipo
Steve Hueffner
Mary Batzner
Buffie and Ray Anderson
Douglas Brown
Katherine Johnson
Allison O'Shea
Virginia E Henderson
Christopher Burt
Judith Seidel
Barb and Jenny Nelson
Chris Hansen
Cibby Gardiner
Sherry Linn
Devin Jones
Jesse Majerus
Liz Stauber
Kathy Nicholson
Jim and Barb Hill
Peg Fiman
Iva and Fred Kressler (Mama and Big Dipper)
Josiah and Joanne Drummond
Nell Hansen
Ben and Wendy Stenman
Laure and Hans Reuters
Stacy and Douglas Dickson
Peter and Dorothy Gutschenritter
Boey and Thomas Gergen
Jacqueline Richie
Clare Beer
Liesl Schultz
Ryan and Michelle Conlan
Bruce and Betty Sachs
Robert Hennessey
David Shields
Paul and Patricia Christensen
Brett Poche
Chad Borer
The Pedricks
Vince Bazille
Hannah Tay
Luc Strickland
Rebecca Skally
Shannon Amorese
Julie Hansen
Greg Lonke
Brian Johnson
Diane Hartson
Charles Lathrop
Laila Strelnieks
Thomas Bailey
Barbara Hansen
Julia Westrich
Susan Schwartz
Noah Eden
Ben Bierbaum
Norma Haas
Pam and Jerry Wehr
Jeff James
Sharon and Robert Poche
Frank Fidler
Katherine Gutschenritter
Jocelyn Robinson
Jay Maloney
Claudia Arkush
Nancy Muehllehner
Hal Bailey
Sherry Linn
Chris Hansen
Amy Padron
Lauren Knoelke
Colin Waters
Big K
Chris Dickson
Natalie Savage
Jess Townsend
Jeff Wiegand

Barbara Gutschenritter
Patricia and Brock Sherman
Diane Ness
Avisia Whiteman
David McKoskey
Joe Mauer
Shirley Kolz