Where is the Crew?

Fundraisers on the River

St. Paul, MN
September 25, 2010, will be our first major fundraiser on the river. Stop by for some good stories from the first few weeks on the River!

Join us for a whole bunch of music, midwest brews, mouth watering grub, and a silent auction at Highland Park.

Music is coming from the best of the Midwest: Dan "Potatoes" Popelka, Elf Lettuce, and many more!

We will hold the silent auction from 5pm until 6pm. Don't miss out on this gear. Local St. Paul businesses have donated a bunch of gear, local artists have contributed their work, and the Minnesota Twins have stepped up to the plate with signed memorabilia.

Adam Johnson is heading up this event for us. His enthusiasm for the shindig is escalating the potential for the successful fundraising and a whole lot of fun to be had by all.

St. Louis, MO
On October 15, 2010, meet the eight of us paddlers at St. Louis for a great concert right by the River!

We have several great bands lined up to play a variety of music all afternoon at the Atomic Cowboy venue.

Baton Rouge, LA
November 13, 2010, only ten days before we reach the gulf, we'll host our final fundraiser. This will be the focus event of our trip. Baton Rouge is the Culture Capital of the South, molded and defined by the people's strong spirit for music, cuisine, and art. We want our event to embrace the intrepid and multifaceted culture of the city.

We are close to securing a great venue for our great bands to play and for our crew to dance with the Louisiana folks. We hope to release the specifics of the venue soon.

Steven's Point, Wisconsin

 A view of the beautiful Lake Emily in Stevens Point, Wisconsin

The Paddle to Haiti fundraiser at Lake Emily was a great success! There were several barrels of quality brews, some delicious brats and burgers and an abundance of great music. We also had a giveaway where several lucky winners walked away with some great prizes.

A huge thanks goes out to the bands - Zach and Kevin of the Black Spruce Swamp Stomp, Lindsey and her stringed friends, Dan "Potatoes" Popelka, Andrew Corbisher and the Technifunky Groovetube, and the last band that played a bunch of gnarly Neil Young and Moody Blues. You guys all kicked a lot of ass.

Thanks to Lakefront Brewery for the abundance of barrels and to the Parks commisions for the use of Lake Emily. Also, big thanks to Wisconsin Solar Installations for donating all the funds from the brats and burgers. And to Tim for the sound system.

We raised a lot of interest, potential paddlers, and a total of $843.
All said and done, profit for Haiti was $553. Pretty damn good.

Zach W, Paul C, Ryan G, Andrew C, Barry K, Mama Gutsch, and the lovely Lindsey W - You guys made it happen. You're awesome.

Keep us in mind and keep checking out the site in the next few months for updates on new fundraisers we'll be having.

 Watching the band well into the evening

 At the watering hole, thanks to the Lakefront Brewery

The Brats and Burgers area, thanks to Wisconsin Solar Installations

Zach and Kevin of the Black Spruce Swamp Stomp Check out their Myspace page for their upcoming plans and some good music.
Heres's To everyone who made this possible!
 Especially this guy!

Thanks to Chris Johnson for taking pictures. The rest of the pictures are HERE