Where is the Crew?



Although we've had hotels in the past, last night's was the first we thought we actually needed one. We were beat. The southerly winds have been stronger than ever. Fortunately, the current has been strong enough to help us make over six miles per hour- faster than we'd been going in the past. We dig our paddles strongly against the River, trying to keep in line with the wind. If we don't, the wind throws the bow around and the stern-person throws five extra strokes to line back up. almost everyone has contemplated all too seriously what we're doing this for. It's not fun to fight wind for nine hours to make the necessary mileage. Yesterday, we woke before sunrise to get in 30 miles before the wind really picked up. The night before, our tents were folding in on themselves, the stakes torn from the ground, and the sand whipping against our canoes. It's been three days of gusts up to 35 miles per hour. It will be the same for the next two days. But, after that, the forecast looks to be quite attractive, with sunshine and blue skies. Hopefully, we'll be able to rest our muscles a bit during those days and put on over 50 miles per day. It shouldn't be too difficult, considering the current after the Missouri River joined the Mississippi (which was quite anti-climactic). We still have the Ohio River to look forward to as well.
All this wind makes it seem pretty realistic for Lewis and Clark to travel upstream on the Missouri River.

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