Where is the Crew?


Big Lakes, Wind and Rain

We are rushing out the door right now from an excellent stay at the Northard's home in Grand Rapids, Mn. A lot has happened recently, hence the lack of updates. Lots of rain, Lots of wind. We are 167 mile into the trip and feeling good. Unfortunately, Matt Bailey has had some issues with his visa to study in London, and has had to fly back to atlanta 2 weeks early to get it settled. We have since realized just how difficult it is to paddle a tandem canoe with one person in 20-25mph head winds. Luckily, the same day that Matt gave us the bad news, our Columbian friend oscar gave us word that he wanted to join us. He flies into Minneapolis today and with any luck, should be onboard mid-day tuesday. I hope to upload some pics later tonight, but until now, check out this great image of the Mississippi and how it has changed course over the ages

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