Where is the Crew?


Here comes the rain

After an excellent stay in St. Cloud with a couchsurfer named Holly and her friends, life on the river has been easy. Yesterday we got off to a late start after enjoying the luxuries of indoor life  The sun shone brightly, the current was fast.  We pulled out the guitar, the mandolin, the fishing poles and some snacks as we leisurely floated down to our chosen campsite, 20 miles downstream. Dinner was bratwurst and sauteed onions and peppers, thanks to a friend named Pete, who is kayaking with us from St. Cloud to the twin cities. We happily drifted into sleep under a nearly full moon.

Oscar and Brett play their way down the river.
An easy day on the river can only be appreciated once you have something to compare it to, and it sounds like yet another reminder of that is headed our way. This afternoon, a passing fisherman asked us what we we were planning on doing about all the rain. What rain? It is supposed to rain? A call to Brett's sister confirmed that the remnants of a massive hurricane is headed our way. Five inches of rain is expected, lightning, flood warnings are in effect. We have set up our camp and plan to wait and see what the river and the weather look like in the morning. Hopefully the added water will only quicken our travels. Sounds like is will be a wet tomorrow.

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