Where is the Crew?



We’re just leaving Hastings, Mn, about 35 miles South of St. Paul. We had a beautiful, sun-filled day yesterday, with the current helping us by running about twice as fast as it had been, due to all the upstream rain. In about three miles we’ll be hitting the confluence of the St. Croix River and the Mississippi, which should make it even faster. We’ve got our lifejackets at the ready and Lock and Dam #2 (our fourth) is about 12 miles downstream. When we called ahead to alert the folks at the dam of our pending arrival, we were told that 2 kayakers had come through the day before, so it can’t be too hairy. We’re told to expect rising, faster water through Friday. We’re also frequently told we’re nuts to make this trip, which of course only serves to make us more determined to see it through. Last night’s delicious bratwurst dinner was donated by Bev and Jack Gutschenritter, and we dined listening to some great music, downloaded by Chris Dixon from Mac Ranch in Steamboat Springs.

We expect to make 30 to 40 miles today. We are looking forward to our stop in Trempeleau, Wi where we will have our own cabin courtesy of the Hueffner family (aunts and uncles to Lou and Michael). A kind couch surfer in LaCrosse, Alex, who owns a health food store, has volunteered to help us out when we get there.

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